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You Have a Bravery to Endure And grow up your Business in This Big Destruction?

Strongly favourable Movement #1:
2009 – history. However you can use events of last year to help to move you to a survival and growth in 2010. Note: Also vigilantly watch forward to 2011.

What did you succeed in 2009? Re: new clients, edges, finding the new markets, pereprodavaya and selling current clients.
You held training by your staff, your itself? If you and they not improvement, All of you are late.
What were your best three errors which you have made this year? What did you study?
What decisions you avoided to accept this year? Why? Whether really it was the correct thing to avoid these things?
What your biggest surprise of it last year was?
On the scale of 1 – 10 how would be your norm in your last year?
Strongly favourable Movement #2:
Divide aforementioned ability of penetration into an essence with group of 4-5 business leaders which you know, how, respect, estimate and wish to be completely transparent with. Something that you constrain, will constrain you!
All represent copy PPM #1 to each of participants at least 7 days prior to session. To be a member of this group, each participant transfers read and to study a part of each person.
Make it the mixed group of men and women – various representations strengthen your studying. With this kind of group it is more you samoraskryvaete above probability, you will considerably the big success in coming year. Make 3-sentries of session, once a week by 4 weeks.
In the end of these four weeks each person writes the letter of guarantee to action, and all receive a copy.
Steams of responsibility of the form or association.
These steams will be registered with each other every week within 7 minutes. Each person receives 3.5 minutes (strictly calculated – any exceptions):
(a) Tell the main thing, it or it continues to work…; (b) the most essential ‘ the attached point “right now…; (c) One key metrics inform… That is the new clients, the new contract, increase in incomes.
Key Operational Principle of This Growth & Survival Group: Risk Nothing. Receive nothing.
If any arrives not made preliminary work completely, that person, immediately ask to leave group. Any voices. Any debate. Made. In this Big Destruction we will die of shortage of the obligation and inactivity.
Key Operational Principle: the Income is good. The profit – energy to proceed. The cash stream – fuel to light up in business.
Strongly favourable Movement #3:
This group meets each quarter within 3 hours. Before session each person submits to everything, its/its advancement, recourse, justifications, “refusals” and “successes”.
Each person receives 10-minute “HOT the PLACE” session in which one person is fried others 4 or 5 participants that it or it has presented. It is key that all participants are straight lines, respectful, confrontative, any B.S. Intention consists in helping to survive, grow and prosper each other in coming year.
Strongly favourable Movement #4:
In the end of the year “HOT the PLACE” the centre:
(a) What worked well? (b), what I should change to the best? (c), what I have passed? (d) that I still avoid?
Question: Reduction to prosecution! You have bravery and the obligation to use this Big Destruction to grow, survive and prosper?
It – or “Yes” or “is not present”. Which you prefer?
P.S. “More fearless” executive commands could make it together.

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